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Tuition is available from experienced tutors in:

  • Scottish pipe band drumming
  • Piping
  • Highland and Irish dancing
  • Only enthusiam required
  • All ages welcome
  • No musical experience required


We charge no Tuition fees, however there are small annual and weekly fees to cover costs of venue hire
See Membership and fee information

Where and When?

Wednesday Evenings ACT School terms
Dancing from 5:30
Drums and Pipes 6.30pm
Band from 7.30pm

Venue: Church Hall on the corner next to the Canberra Irish Club in Weston

Other Details

  • A syllabus will be created and/or updated for piping and drumming.
  • Each learner will be assigned one tutor who will provide minimum 10-15 minutes one to one tutoring per evening. Group work will also be available. Other arrangements will be made prior to band practice if a tutor cannot attend. Learners must inform the tutor, Pipe Major or Drum Sergeant if not attending.
  • Lessons for learners will be conducted between 6:00 & 7:30.
  • Tutors will be appointed by the Pipe Major and Drum Sergeant
  • Each learner will bring an exercise book to be signed by the tutor.
  • Learners will be expected to practice and attend 80% of all band practices each term.
  • Each learner (or parents) will be advised of progress at the end of each term.
  • From this term, learners will pay hall fees upfront for the full term - $30 youth, $40 adult
  • Sticks, pads and practice chanters will be available for purchase (at no profit to the band) from the Pipe Major and Drum Sergeant
  • Pipe Major, Drum Sergeant and Drum Major will assess each learner for ability to turn out with the band in uniform. This will be based on attendance, commitment to practice and skill.
  • Pipe Major and Drum Sergeant will assess each players ability to turn out for competition.
  • Standards will be advised in relation to piping and drumming before the assessment of learners. Generally this will be 4/4 & 3/4 sets.
  • All learners should be aged 10 or over. Children under 10 may be assessed for learning but Pipe Band Dance school students will take preference.
  • A child protection policy will be in place.
Updated 4/12/2007

Latest News

The Band is using an App as link for routine communications rather than this website - go to your APP store - search for TeamApp and install - then search for CCPBand - apply to join - select which teams you want to join - can access via website

What is on soon......
- next Band practice Wednesday Feb 28th 2018 @ 6pm, 18 from 5.00pm for learners / dancers;

Brigadoon - Saturday 7th April 2018 - March Earlier time 9:00am
41st Anniversary - The Street March will start in Erith Street, assembling at Peterson’s Garage (approximately 300m up from the Bundanoon Hotel) at 9.00am. We are 6th so need to be ready & forming up by 8:40am tuned - Pipers aim 8.15am ; Oval performance 1.50pm ; Massed bands full rehearsal at 3.00pm will assemble on the western side of the oval by 3.40pm formed Maybe Committee Meeting 12 noon prior to warmup

White Sands – Easter Saturday 31 March 2018 – Huskisson
Parade starts off again at 10.30 am sharp as in previous – long shirts- from the same start point as before at White Sands Park.Try to arrive 10.00am for tuning. After the parade we will do the massed bands in the same spot in the Oval – after dignitaries ; check times - last year Canberra – 1.00 pm – 1.15 pm, No Massed Bands in the evening

Blessing of the Fleet – Ulladulla Easter Sunday: April 1
Street Parade starts at 11.30 am from the same spot in Crescent St - so if can all be there 11.00 am or before would be good.The Tattoo then at 2.00 pm on the Bitumen Flat as before.

ANZAC Day - April 25 – Tuesday - Yass - 10:45 Parade .
Long Sleeve Shirts- tune up 10.00am

Canberra Celtic Dancing Competition
September 9th 2018

Canberra Pipers Club Workshop & Recital 10th annual 2018
4pmFriday 22nd 4pm to 4pm Sunday ?th September – University of Canberra; recital Saturday night

The New Kilted Van is rolling

Our Band Facebook Page
There is also a unlisted private Band Facebook page - please ask for invite to access

The Piobaireachd Society
Become a member to access downloads

Try Our Haggis Recipe
Exact proportions up to the cook - if in doubt add more Drambuie to recipe or your glass

Band practice is 98.7dB; recommended to reduce exposure to below 85dB - wear your hearing protectors!

The College of Piping
Monthly Radio show Podcast

Irish anthem played by the Army Band of Amhrán na bhFiann

Drummers Rudiments
Please use Youtube link https://youtu.be/e6JtBbgYMwY or access from Bands Facebook page or dropbox - the exercises are in pdf link - please ask if unable to access

Contact Us: +61 (0)2 6285 1767 | email-/- pipemajor@canberraceltic.org

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