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Kevin McDonald has moved to Sydney but we hope will continue regular contact with us - has even attempted Bass Drumming in 2007 with us. The original Webmaster and IT guru.
started playing pipes at age 8. He was one of the first members to join Canberra Celtic Pipe Band just after the band kicked off. He has piped in a few bands in NSW and Canada and has also competed in Australia, Canada and USA in grades 3 and 4.

Apart from being a piper, according to some, he is, a spent, under appreciated rock n roll god. He still plays guitar and sings in bands when not piping. He also enjoys singing classical music (that is the really old stuff with lots of black notes on the page - not 1970s rock). Kev has also has played in, and taught brass bands (he hesitates to admit some of them have been concert bands).

He considers one of his favourite bands to be The Beatles! (pretty lame, we know) but says in his defence, that his mobile plays The Clash's, "London Calling" which brings him almost into 1980s. He is even contemplating changing to an even more hip, golden brown by the stranglers, circa 1981. If you ask Kev to elaborate on his music likes, he would say anything fussy or baroque stuff like Vivaldi, Bach, the Sex Pistols or the Plasmatics. (some would say he's a complex sort of guy. Others, well ---- would not.)

Somehow he has found time to spend a decade as a seemingly perpetual student, a traveller, a teacher, an IT guru, fashion victim and bagpipe tutor.

Some other interesting facts about our Kev:-
Fav. Colour: Green (right answer Irish National Kilt Canberra Celtic wears is predominantly green, ed.)
Fav day of the week: Wednesday - because the


Gabi also teaches bagpipes, joined Canberra Celtic Pipe Band in 2002 till 2005. Before that she was with the Canobolas Pipe Band in the beautiful city of Orange, and the Clan MacLeod Pipe Band in Sydney.
Gabi played a set of mulga wood bagpipes, believed to have been made by Jimmy Martin around 1965-75. Gabi's pet labrador Grainne is quite deaf, which is the best way for a piper's dog to be. Her boyfriend Andrew was not deaf when she left but maybe now

GEORGIA STANNARD, who tought and played Tenor Drum and tought Scottish Highland Dancing. She has been dancing since she was six years old and began drumming when she joined Canberra Celtic in March of 2003.

Georgia dances because she just loves it and it is a really fun thing to do! Dancing also gives her an outlet to get in touch with her Scottish roots. She has danced in Scotland and Canada and has played Tenor Drum with the Robert Malcolm Alumni Pipe Band at Simon Fraser University in Canada. Ask her why she drums and she will tell you "I drum because, well, it's awesome. Drumming is a universal language, and makes the world just that little bit smaller".

Georgia has spent half of 2004 & 2005 playing with one of the best Grade 3 Bands on the West Coast of Canada which was awesome! One of the other highlights of her recent time overseas was getting to dance at the British Open in Scotland which was fantastic as well as dancing in Canada. Georgia met some great people and she says, "learned so much about dancing, drumming and about myself".

Before heading off to 'experience the great blue yonder' the biggest highlight for Georgia was to win the Beginners 15 years & Over Australian Championship in Melbourne in April 2004.

Heres a bit more about Georgia you wouldnt have known:-
Fav. Colour: Brown
Fav. Drink: VB (beer)
Fav Food: Meat Pies and Chocky Ice-cream (there is a brown theme happening here and the pies & choc ice-cream might have something to do with Georgia being deprived of these delicacies while O/S since June 2004)
Fav Day of the week: Everyday - everyday is a new experience.
Pet hate? People scuffing their feet when they walk!
Fav Tunes: Jigs in general, and she loves Athol highlanders, the Gael, Up and Atom, and Desert Storm (all pipe band tunes by the way)

Contact Us: email canberraceltic@gmail.com

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