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www.bagpipegauge.com/The Bagpipe Gauge is a revolutionary new device that quickly teaches you how to blow your pipes strong and steady

www.bagpipelessons.com/ Jori Chisholm is one of the world's top pipers and leading bagpipe instructors

Looking for a Tuner? PitchLab for Guitar - download the free version of the app for your iPhone/iPad / Android - can add in specifications for Bagpipe scale - though paid version < $Aus4

Speedshifter – free download for music playback slower or faster at same pitchLook at other linksau.abrsm.org/en/exam-support/practice-tools-and-applications/

Rhythmic Fingerwork by Jim McGillivary
New in 2012 matching Book for Piobaireachd

Book & C.D. Instruction in Technique for the Great Highland Bagpipe - highly recommended for advanced beginners to experienced with exercises to improve techniques.


John Cairns - highly recommended series of Instructional Books up to Volume 6 ( more to come) - available thru lyonsbagpipes in Australia. He has also released a great CD - the music of which is laos to printed in the future


The National Piping Centre - Recommend subscrition to Piping Today magazine - has Summer Schools in Glasgow and they visit International Schools - Qualifiec teachers to suit -on-line tuition - why not do a PDQP Examination ( The Piping and Drumming Qualification Board )?

www.thebagpipeplace.com Go here for all things Bagpipes including 'Care and manipulation of the Chanter Reed' and much much more - you'll be amazed!

EUSPBA- Piobaireachd Instruction from Jimmy McIntosh www.vimeo.com/channels/103905

Tuning the Bagpipes www.hotpipes.com/tuning.html#letter

www.bobdunsire.com/bagpipeweb/index.htmlIf you only want one site to link to all things bagpipes then Bob's site may be it



www.bagpipejourney.com Andrews' Journey with tips he picked up along the way

Steve Macleods qanda.themacleods.net/qanda/


Bagpipe and Drumming Specific Software - has it's limitations - the Librarian prefers Sibelius www.sibelius.com though the embellishments are not as authentic looking


a PC based digital tuner with metronome - has a version for hand helds but didnt work on my HP - microphone issue

The Pitch and Scale of the Great Highland Bagpipe


The Voicelog is the online journal of The Voice, the acclaimed publication of the Eastern United States Pipe Band Association - has two helpful pipers guides


some drumming scores

Last updated 5/5/2015

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contact us
email to Alex canberraceltic@gmail.com

The Band is using an App as link for routine communications rather than this website - go to your APP store - search for stack team app and install - then search for CCPBand - apply to join - select which teams you want to join - can also access TEAMAPP via website; there is a closed Band Facebook page where also posted activities and more general information - ask for invite

What is on soon......
Band Practice is usually Wednesday nights from 5.30pm for learners / dancers; Band 6.30 pm;Church of Christ, Weston - practices match ACT school term dates - website not updated PLEASE CONTACT TO CONFIRM if you would like to observe or have an interest in learning

Our Band Facebook Page
There is also a unlisted private Band Facebook page - please ask for invite to access

The Piobaireachd Society
Become a member to access downloads

Try Our Haggis Recipe
Exact proportions up to the cook - if in doubt add more Drambuie to recipe or your glass

Band practice is 98.7dB; recommended to reduce exposure to below 85dB - wear your hearing protectors!

Irish anthem played by the Army Band of Amhrán na bhFiann

Drummers Rudiments
Please use Youtube link https://youtu.be/e6JtBbgYMwY or access from Bands Facebook page or dropbox - the exercises are in pdf link - please ask if unable to access

Contact Us: email canberraceltic@gmail.com

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